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We are officially concluding the OPEN BETA period and are pending release. This will be a FREE UPGRADE for all AS16 for P3D users.Purchase AS16 for P3D (reduced AND on sale right now at a deep discount) and you’ll receive the free[…] Update B6255 a.k.a. This new update provides a few fixes and is a recommended update for all AS16 and ASN users.ASP4 Update 110417 (B6517) is now officially released.Thanks to those who participated in the previous OPEN BETA testing! Changelog: Fixed issue with Radar and other Sim Connect functions (also affecting radar API) on version[…] AS16 for P3D v3, AS16 for FSX, and ASCA hotfix 083117 has been officially released.Currently I am in my first flight in live real time mode running AS16 for P3D on a remote laptop. We love what we do and thank all our customers and supporters for enabling us to continue to improve and expand Active Sky!

You have opened up a whole new aspect to flight simming – many thanks!I had my first flight in the PMDG 777-300 with AS16 and ASCA out of KJFK. The dynamic forming of cloud structures cannot be described in words, it has literally transformed the skies for me!On that first flight there were clouds and precipitation and there it all was on the WX radar, all in the right places. The effect of the clouds wisping over my propeller, oh man! Using AS16 in the cruise in a CB-laden area for the the first time ever as far as I know.The code is designed to be highly portable to other microcontroller platforms, and is written in C using as few processor specific functions as possible.The code libraries can be downloaded by clicking the Downloads tab above and used as-is in your project or individual code snippets may be viewed in the Code section of a supported part.

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    VIP subscriptions:* Pay .99 per month to become a VIP* One-time coins package of 1000 coins* Check and claim 20 coins daily* VIP-exclusive gift to send* VIP-exclusive flying comments* VIP special badge* IMPORTANT NOTICE: VIP subscription is not auto-renewed. Now you can see the Coin Drop Task progress without tapping on it I find this app rewarding but at times I find the app also has to many rules.