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Edgar begins to send Isabel various gifts, including an expensive red Kelly bag, which Isabel carries with her at all times.During a visit to Isabel, Suzanne discovers the Kelly bag, after which she realizes that Edgar is having an affair with Isabel.Le Divorce was filmed in Paris at locations including Café de Flore, Tour Eiffel, Musée du Louvre and Salle Gaveau.The Eiffel Tower's elevators, stairways and various levels are seen extensively near the end of the film.Afterwards, Isabel begins a real relationship with Yves. The family attends an art auction where the La Tour painting sells to The Getty for 4.5 million Euros.Because its ownership is no longer disputed due to Charles-Henri's death, the money goes to the Walker family, who then go on to establish the "Fondation Sainte Ursule" (The Saint Ursula Foundation).Paris-based American author Olivia Pace (Glenn Close), a friend of Roxy's, offers Isabel a job.Isabel also meets Yves (Romain Duris), Olivia's protégé, and they begin dating.

Tellman then follows Isabel and her family on an outing to the Eiffel Tower, where he corners them and pulls a gun, demanding an opportunity to explain to Roxy why he killed her husband.

The opening title music was Paul Misraki's "Qu'est-ce qu'on attend pour être heureux", sung by Patrick Bruel and Johnny Hallyday from Bruel's CD "Entre deux".

The end title music was Serge Gainsbourg's "L'Anamour", sung by Jane Birkin from her CD "Version Jane".

After some persuasion, the distraught Tellman releases the gun to Isabel, who puts it into the Kelly bag and throws it off the Eiffel Tower.

Edgar, persuaded by his socially conscious family's concern, and tiring of his young lover, casually ends his affair with Isabel with a Chanel scarf and a lunch.

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