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Saw you last night at Mundaring weir - awesome again! just a heads up tho: only knew about the gig via a friend. My wife hates blues but even she is now a follower. Hell you just keep getting better if thats at all possible. These tools have been immensely helpful in that they actually EXPLAIN, in granular detail, how to use your Inspirational Soundware correctly, WITHOUT boring one to death! Na RP-Distort en RP-Amod zie ik tot mijn verrassing, doordat ik RP-Punch heb, Punch BD er gewoon bij krijg. In many ways, I wish that your marketing team would place this particular "product" in the very forefront of your website. Not sure what goes into "making" a plugin, but just wow. God Bless you Mijn complimenten dat gebruikers bij jou enorm gewaardeerd worden. you and your mates hit me in the eighties, when I as a child/adolescence. Thanks Rob-- I recently purchased & received your "Masterclass Book with DVDs" and I obviously adore your "Inspirational Soundware" synthesizers, BUT I have to articulate and emphasize how amazing your Masterclass Book and DVD tutorials have been for me.

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HUGE thanks to you, Blue Shaddy, for the best entertainment one could ask for !

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I throughly enjoy the men Barbershopers and all the special quartets.

I can't tell you how many times I think of it and say to my (grown) kids, "do you remember..." and they can recount so many great memories. As director of the Valley Voices Barbershop Chorus, I have had the distinct privilege of participating in 12 or 13 of your "Barbershop In the Park" shows.

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