Dating tips for women in nyc

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“They need to apply the same attitude and gumption that got them to New York City to the task of getting a husband.” So listen up, unattached ladies!

These oftentimes elusive creatures who wear all black and give you dirty looks on the sidewalk are not as opaque as you might have imagined — but they are just as mean.

Please do not approach a lone NYC woman after 2 AM.

“These women are spinsters-in-training, but they can turn it around,” says the 50-something divorcée.

Tonight’s newest restaurant is tomorrow’s tired scene.

Last week’s smoking-hot date who you really connected with on a deep level is suddenly forgotten because that hot bartender with the tattoos over there keeps looking at you.

This is kind of a requirement of living and living well in NYC.

If not at least semi-interested in making and spending, these women wouldn’t live here (unless they’re social workers, in which case they would probably like more money). A woman who considers herself a “New Yorker” could still speak with a Slovakian accent.

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