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he worked for 20 years in a factory printing telephone books and then for 20 years at a civil service job from which he retired in 2011... Ronin Press released his second chapbook, topography of a desire, May 2010.his first book of poems and drawings, Pleasure in a Stained Universe is scheduled for publication by Lummox Press in 2012... Avantacular Press released his first photographic chapbook: The Sugarcane Harvest, May 2010.His poems were published in Modern Haiku, Asahi Haikuist Network, Frogpond and haiga at World Haiku Association.Lisa Okon was born in Brooklyn, studied at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor and has lived for most of her life in Jerusalem, where she raised her family.

For over ten years she has been involved in a love affair with Japan and writing haiku has been one of its manifestations.He is a three-time nominee to the 2010 Sundress Best of the Web Anthology, and a 2010 Pushcart Osofsky bumbles his way to deeper understanding; sustains a wild and nurturing relationship with his two teenage sons; provides fiscal wellness to the local public health agency; sleeps most nights in westwood, california found in various poetry venues [email protected] Owens is the author of 7 collections of poetry and over 800 published poems, editor of Wild Goose Poetry Review and 234, and recipient of awards for his work from the Pushcart Prize Anthology, the Academy of American Poets, the NC Poetry Society, NC Writers Network, and other places.His haiku have appeared in Heron's Nest, Notes from the Gean, Magnapoets, and Shamrock among others.She has two poetry books published by The Edwin Mellen Press and was a finalist for the Rielo World Mystical Poetry Prize 2001. For more information visit her website: Human Potential and its Shadow.Stephen Nelson was born in Motherwell, Scotland in 1970.

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