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The same year, assault by sharp object resulted in roughly 114,000 deaths, with a remaining 110,000 deaths from personal violence being attributed to other causes. There is a strong relationship between levels of violence and modifiable factors such as concentrated poverty, income and gender inequality, the harmful use of alcohol, and the absence of safe, stable, and nurturing relationships between children and parents.

World War I casualties were over 40 million and World War II casualties were over 70 million.Violence includes those acts that result from a power relationship, including threats and intimidation, neglect or acts of omission.Such non-physical violence has a broad range of outcomes – including psychological harm, deprivation and maldevelopment.However, generally, anything that is excited in an injurious or damaging way may be described as violent even if not meant to be violence (by a person and against a person).Globally, violence resulted in the deaths of an estimated 1.28 million people in 2013 up from 1.13 million in 1990.

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