Dating zippos by stamp

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It also contains a tube that holds a short, cylindrical flint.

The tube has an interior spring and exterior cap-screw that keeps the flint in constant contact with the exterior flint-wheel.

In 2002, Zippo expanded its product line to include a variety of utility-style multi-purpose lighters, known as Zippo MPLs.

This was followed in 2005 with the Outdoor Utility Lighter, known as the OUL. In August 2007, Zippo released a new butane lighter called the Zippo BLU.) building contains rare and custom made Zippo lighters, and also sells the entire Zippo line.

Thousands of different styles and designs have been made in the eight decades since their introduction including military versions for specific regiments.

Since its invention Zippos have been sold around the world and have been described "a legendary and distinct symbol of Americana".

Since the Zippo company's 60th anniversary in 1992, annual editions have been produced for Zippo collectors.

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The basic mechanism of the Zippo lighter has remained unchanged.The cases of Zippo lighters are typically made of brass and are rectangular with a hinged top.On most models, the top of the case is slightly curved. The insert contains the spring-toggle lever that keeps the top closed, the wick, windscreen chimney, flintwheel, and flint, all of which are mounted on an open-bottom metal box that is slightly smaller than the bottom of the outer case, and into which it slips snugly.The hollow part of the interior box encloses five rayon balls (similar to cotton balls) which are in contact with the wick.The bottom of this is covered by a piece of felt approximately 1/4 of an inch thick.

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