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Post hoc analysis of 68 trial participants whose pregnancies were detected after receiving 1-3 doses of vaccine or placebo did not raise any obvious concerns (26). Medscape, LLC is accredited by the ACCME to provide continuing medical education for physicians. siamensis as the cause of cutaneous leishmaniasis in 4 horses (6). siamensis was also identified in a case of cutaneous bovine leishmaniasis in Switzerland (7). However, targeted safety, immunogenicity, and efficacy trials in pregnant women are warranted. Schmid D, Holzmann H, Schwarz K, Kasper S, Kuo H-W, Ab- erle SW, et al. Medscape, LLC designates this Journal-based CME activity for a maximum of 1 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit(s)™. Comparison of PCR, isoenzyme analysis, and antigen detection for diagnosis of Ent- amoeba histolytica infection. In August 2011, a 10-year-old, 505-kg Morgan horse mare in Florida, USA, with no history of travel outside the eastern United States was evaluated at the University of Florida for an ulcerated mass in the left pinna. Glenn Morris, Gainesville, Florida, USA Patrice Nordmann, Paris, France Tanja Popovic, Atlanta, Georgia, USA Didier Raoult, Marseille, France Pierre Rollin, Atlanta, Georgia, USA Ronald M. Snider, Atlanta, Georgia, USA Frank Sorvillo, Los Angeles, California, USA David Walker, Galveston, Texas, USA J. Telephone 404-639-1960, fax 404-639-1954, email [email protected] The opinions expressed by authors contributing to this journal do not neces- sarily reflect the opinions of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or the institutions with which the authors are affiliated. Blaser, New York, New York, USA Christopher Braden, Atlanta, Georgia, USA Arturo Casadevall, New York, New York, USA Kenneth C. 1512 Schmallenberg Virus in Domestic Cattle, Belgium, 2012 M.-M. 1515 Antimicrobial Drug Use and Macrolide-Resistant Streptococcus pyogenes, Belgium L. 1519 Influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 Virus among Healthy Show Pigs, United States G. 1528 1547 Novel Vectors of Malaria Parasites in the Western Highlands of Kenya About the Cover 1550 Riddle in Nine Syllables Etymologia 1511 Anopheies Gov Delivery Manage your email alerts so you only receive content of interest to you. Nelson Hepatitis E virus (HEV) is a major cause of illness and of death in the developing world and disproportionate cause of deaths among pregnant women. Establishing reliable estimates of national and regional disease burden has been challenging because of the lack of standard assays for hepatitis E testing and substantial variability in the quality of commercial assays ( 10 , 11 ). org/10.2746/042516403776148336 1546 Emerging Infectious Diseases • gov/eid • Vol. All material published in Emerging Infectious Diseases is in the public do- main and may be used and reprinted without special permission; proper citation, however, is required. EDITORIAL BOARD Dennis Alexander, Addlestone, Surrey, UK Timothy Barrett, Atlanta, Georgia, USA Barry J. Castro, Atlanta, Georgia, USA Louisa Chapman, Atlanta, Georgia, USA Thomas Cleary, Houston, Texas, USA Vincent Deubel, Shanghai, China Ed Eitzen, Washington, DC, USA Daniel Feikin, Baltimore, Maryland, USA Anthony Fiore, Atlanta, Georgia, USA Kathleen Gensheimer, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA Duane J. Guerrant, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA Scott Halstead, Arlington, Virginia, USA David L. Ostroff, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA Richard Platt, Boston, Massachusetts, USA Gabriel Rabinovich, Buenos Aires, Argentina Mario Raviglione, Geneva, Switzerland David Reiman, Palo Alto, California, USA Connie Schmaljohn, Frederick, Maryland, USA Tom Schwan, Hamilton, Montana, USA Ira Schwartz, Valhalla, New York, USA Tom Shinnick, Atlanta, Georgia, USA Bonnie Smoak, Bethesda, Maryland, USA Rosemary Soave, New York, New York, USA P. Sign up for an Online Subscription gov/ncidod/eid/IV Emerging Infectious Diseases • gov/eid • Vol. 9, September 2012 Hepatitis E, a Vaccine-Preventabie Cause of Maternai Deaths Alain B. Although HEV vaccine trials, including trials conducted in populations in southern Asia, have shown candidate vaccines to be effective and well-tolerated, these vaccines have not yet been produced or made available to susceptible populations. However, it is clear that populations who show the highest incidence of HEV-associated illnesses and deaths are not benefiting from existing HEV vaccines or public health interventions. Solano-Gallego L, Femandez-Bellon H, Serra R, Gallego M, Ramis A, Fond- evila D, et al. Medscape EDUCATION^ ACTIVITY Evaluation of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Approaches for Suspected Influenza A(H1N1) pdm09 Infection, 2009-2010 1414 V. Variations between practice and national recommendations could inform clinical education In future Influenza seasons. 1463 Policy Review Medscape EDUCATION ACTIVITY Control of Fluoroquinolone Resistance through Successful Regulation, Australia 1453 A. The landmark feature of HEV genotype 1, which predominates in populations in the greater Ganges floodplains of southern Asia, is increased deaths in pregnant women (5). These data were not published until 2007, three years after the end of the trial. Ramos-Vara JA, Ortiz-Santiago B, Segales J, Dunstan RW. The poorly understood pregnancy-associated case-fatality rate of hepatitis E, ranging from 7% to 40%, was noted in the earliest confirmed hepatitis E epidemic in 1955 (6) Author affiliations: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, Maryland, USA(A. Unfortunately, Glaxo Smith Kline did not pursue the manufacture of this vaccine, despite a growing body of evidence that confirms the substantial incidence of Emerging Infectious Diseases • gov/eid • Vol. 9, September 2012 1401 PERSPECTIVE HEV infections in resource-limited sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and South America and recent data that indicate an unrecognized silent epidemic of autochthonous HEV infections and illnesses across most of eastern Asia and central and western Europe (77-79). Recent evidence from our group suggests that HEV may be circulating widely in the United States, although the attributable disease incidence seems low ( 20 ). Barbosa-Santos EGO, Marzochi MCA, Urtado W, Queirds F, Chicarino J, Pa- checo RS. In 2005, researchers at Xiamen University in Fujian, China, began working on a new recombinant HEV vaccine to address growing concerns about the increasing regional incidence of HEV infections. Leishmaniasis disseminated by Leishmania braziliensis in a mare {Equus caballus): immunotherapy and chemotherapy assays.

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HEV 239 was tested in a randomized, controlled trial involving 112,604 participants in Jiangsu Province, where genotypes 3 and 4 are predominant. Suankratay C, Suwanpimolkul G, Wilde H, Siriyasatien R Autochthonous visceral leishmaniasis in a human immunodeficien- cy virus (Hl V)-infected patient: the first in Thailand and review of the literature.

The vaccine showed an efficacy 99% in preventing clinical Hepatitis E among persons who completed the full 3-dose series of HEV 239 (n = 48,693) compared with placebo (a commercial hepatitis B vaccine, n = 48,663) (27).

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