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Due to our FREE UPGRADE policy for all female members we believe that we have more females to chose from then any other dating site of this nature.

The reason we are so successful is because we keep things simple, we attract genuine members of all age groups and adults who are into a wide variety of sexual persuasions.

This is the reason why people have discreet affairs, searching for a short term fix where they can spend time away from their partners and see someone new.

As they say 'absense makes the heart grow fonder' - and there's no way of being mentally more distant from a relationship than being with another partner.

Having such a varied assortment of men and women means we have someone suited for almost everyone who joins and as that membership keeps on growing the choice just keeps on getting bigger and better.

You must be 18 years or older to join Discreet Date.

An example of the standard use is: The driving exam has several discrete, non-overlapping sections, all of which must be passed in order for you to be awarded a license, Mr. Like discreet, discrete came into English through Old French and has its origins in the past participle of the Latin discernere, meaning both “to separate” and “to discern.” Discrete covers a variety of meanings related to the “separate” element of the Latin word’s meaning.

You can see now that each of the words in the pair discreet/discrete develops one of the two main meanings of the Latin root from which they both come.

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There are a lot of reasons why people are having adult affairs: boredom, revenge, or just the thrill of experiencing something new in their sex life.So, if you're someone who's in a troubled relationship right now and you would like to have something (or someone) new in your life, then The Affair Site is ready to help you start discreet dating.Adults realise that 'happily ever after' exists in fantasy more than it does in reality.The branching of this one Latin word into two English words clarifies why they are so very similar and difficult to distinguish.Distinguishing Discreet and Discrete One way to recall the difference between discrete and discreet is to use this mnemonic: Discrete is about separating into distinct parts: notice how the two e’s are separated.

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