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" /Kids can learn to write in a new way and read some others' original works; however, it's not a great writing tool, and the user-generated content isn't that strong.

While it likely will be a hit with kids who crave quick drama in the fraught format of text messages and might inspire a few to write their own stories, the content isn't the kind of quality writing you want beginning writers (or readers) to emulate.

Parents need to know that HOOKED - chat stories is a "Twitter for fiction," letting users read short stories written and displayed as text message conversations.

Almost every story features scary situations, violence, sex, and drug use, all in very contrived narratives designed to thrill readers.

Others include sexy banter between characters including lurid descriptions of body parts and revealing clothing.

It’s the perfect opportunity to learn foolproof moves into a man’s heart and his bed from the most insightful individual on the subject : a gay man.

Instead they chat on webcams with men thousands of miles away.

President Duterte’s strategy to reduce crime and drugs has been to physically eliminate drug dealers, criminals, and pushers. If Duterte does decide to act, what effective strategy is available to deal with family members who abuse their own children for financial gain?

There are examples of almost every explicit word across the content library.

Description on the i Tunes store and user reviews mention a subscription plan, which lets users read more than a limited number of stories each day.

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