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In the March issue, Upfront’s topics range from the two-year Protocol T results, to a potentially electrifying adult amblyopia treatment.The cover feature tells the story of NGF: the polymath molecule, which has potential applications from cornea to retina.

As a keen birdwatcher ­living in beautiful countryside, I’ve been lucky because I’ve always had brilliant eyesight.

He said this was when the lens of the eye clouds as we get older. My sight had always been so good, and yet suddenly these cataracts were blurring my sight.

The optician told me my left eye was worse than my right, and that I’d need an operation to replace the cloudy lens with an artificial one.

The operation took about 20 minutes under a local anaesthetic. My partner Sandy drove us back home to Norfolk that afternoon.

I worried the lens wouldn’t work, but the next morning, when I peeled the gauze off, every detail on my hands was wonderfully clear.

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