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A vehicle driven by Trent Sheldon, 18, who was under the influence of marijauna, drove onto the shoulder of the road to pass the tow truck and hit Jason, killing him instantly. Don't ever take family or friends for granted, always tell them you love and appreciate them because you never know. Williams worked for Dale's Towing and responded to a call for assistance from a disabled motorist on Highway 220 in Rockingham County. Williams had recommended to the motorist to move the vehicle, but due to the flat tire the motorist was unable to do so. Williams decided to move the tow truck to the front of the disabled car to tow it when a big rig tractor trailer approaching them failed to move over. Williams is survived by her parents, her two daughters, her fiance, Johnny Manring and other family and friends. Lawson had just repossessed a white Dodge Caliber when he was chased by a vehicle through several cities in Los Angeles County. Patrick leaves behind a family and friends who will miss him very much. He answered one last call while he was on his way home to his family for the night.

The vehicle then hit the winch cable pulling the Jeep from the ditch as well as that vehicle. The driver, identified as a 48-year-old from Henderson, hit the car and then Williams, who passed as a result of the collision. A vehicle was stranded northbound Beulah Church Road just under the Snyder Freeway overpass around p.m.

He was traveling east on Old Beatty Ford Road at a.m. His death has renewed calls for better protections to prevent driver fatalities.

Alvey, a driver for Rony's Towing and Recovery, was parked in front of a disabled Chevy Silverado pickup on the side of I-55 north at mile post 11.8.

Jason was on North Road, in Clyde Township, in the process of recovering a Jeep from the side of the road around a.m. According to Will Armstrong, driving a tow truck was a passion for Patrick, he loved towing and he liked helping people.

Shortly before a.m., a box truck driven by Anthony B. His company was known as the second oldest towing company in the area.

Custis, 34 of Baltimore, drove onto the shoulder and hit him, killing him at the scene. He was a very respected towman and businessman and was known for helping people who needed his help.

Almighty God, Whose great power and eternal wisdom embrace the universe, watch over all those in towing. Schaefer was killed around a.m., while he was assisting stranded vehicles stuck in blizzard conditions on Highway 22 near Esterhazy, Saskatchewan.

Protect them from harm in the performance of their duty out there on our roadways all round the world. We recommend them to your loving care because their position is dangerous. He was struck by a semi-trailer that resulted in a four-vehicle collision.

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