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If left untreated, teenage depression can lead to serious consequences, including: drug or alcohol abuse and addiction, drop in self-esteem and increased self-loathing, self-harm, violence, and suicidal thoughts and behaviors As teen depression can lead to consequences that impact other areas of their developing life, it's vital for parents and adults to recognize the symptoms of teenage depression and learn the types of treatments for this very manageable disorder.

Millcreek is unique in that we provide specialized treatment tracks for ICF/IDD, autism spectrum disorders, sexually reactive behaviors, psychiatric disorders, and dual diagnosis.Riverview Behavioral Health understands the unique challenges teens face and has helped countless adolescents learn to manage their depression.""Chenal Family Therapy's team of trained therapists offers counseling through secure video chat, phone and email.This designed to help clients living in rural communities or the homebound who do not have access to local counselors or specialists, people seeking an increased level of privacy and anonymity in their counseling experience, and those whose work or family commitments do not allow them to visit our offices.Some people report that after cutting their arms or legs, they feel a sense of calm and tension relief.Unfortunately, that feeling is followed quickly by shame, guilt, and the return of the emotions they'd been trying to avoid.

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