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The starting idea of internet dating was to get to know someone without knowing what they look like, to create chemistry with another person without considering looks.If you scan those sites you’ll see unrealistic looking girls or even boys as their profile picture.Teenagers in junior high school who already have boyfriends or girlfriends are just following their natural interest which usually goes to dating.People see this nowadays as there are many young teenagers who still in junior high school to what they called ‘hang out’ or dating in many places.There are an endless number of reasons why people put ads out for dating, which are anywhere from convenience, to time since most of us have very busy schedules.It also allows people to get themselves out to a specific group that may or may not have been able to reach without this source.

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Prevention programs have been enacted to engage youth in learning how to identify and react properly to such occurrences.While the changing of non-physical attribute affect them really much.According to recent study, there are many non-physical changes that occur during adolescence, most notably the large increase in the number of connections between neurons in the brain.Many people don’t like the bar scene and feel it to be a somewhat more secure way of getting out there to perhaps meet new people with the possibility of meeting “the one”.... Things will get enormously complicated when you start manipulating situations in order to persuade her to go out with you.This can be sweet and romantic at first, but it can escalate quickly into a very creepy and compromising situation if you do not stop controlling circumstances to give her a reason to go out on a marathon date with you.

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