Ethics dating subordinate

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Conflict can also arise in a situation where the boss may misconstrue gestures coming from a female subordinate.In such a case, the employee may seem particularly interested in having a relationship with the boss through her smiles which for the boss are irresistibly warm and flirting.However, in response, she is appalled that her boss has misunderstood her and she now feels uncomfort- able around him.Again, conflict may arise when one or both parties involved in the relationship are married.At face value, such relationships may look innocent and harmless, but in reality they are a source of ethical problems in the workplace, including disappointments and frustrations for the individuals involved.Moreover, not all such relationships are a result of mutual attraction.Bradwell Mhonderwa Business Ethics ROMANTIC relationships are gradually becoming a common feature in today’s workplaces as more employees become involved.

In addition, associations should carry employment practices liability insurance.

Indeed, people sometimes grow strong attachments with their co-workers that go beyond mere friendships to become very strong bonds of intimacy.

The long hours spent together at the office allow employees of common interest to get to understand each other very well, with this sometimes ending in a blossoming romantic relationship.

Some of these relationships are forced on subordinates by corrupt bosses who take advantage of their powerful positions to manipulate vulnerable female employees into dating them.

Talk of “carpet interviews” and other such inappropriate sexual behaviours, then you understand the challenges organisations are facing in terms of workplace romance.

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