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‘But this took time, had a rhythm and felt organic. It just seemed right, and I’m getting to play with all this stuff I’ve had in my wardrobe for 15 years.

‘We weren’t poor but we were lower, lower middle class,’ she says. We were so close to Hollywood but light years away.

Just saying “vintage” ups the price.’ She also designs for her Vida homeware line, predominantly dinner plates. I have a ton of dog pictures, and then pictures of patterns for my plates.

They could be anything from a gate to the trim on that curtain over there.’ Is she a Pinterest girl? I get anxious even thinking about it.’ The edges curl up again promptly when I ask who she’d most like to work with. I’ve written him two letters, first about ten years ago.

See more » If you're a fan of Larry David's (and I am) this feature film should make you very happy.

It's very much like an extended episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm with the same sort of quirky observational humor and dependence on Larry's obsessions with the minutia of every day life. But expecting LD to be different is like expecting Woody to be a different person in his films.

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