Fast love dating

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So many of us have had enough ambiguously platonic “hangouts” to feel romantically hopeless—without ever even entering into real dating territory. I found myself in just such a situation not too long ago.

Tired of the disappointments, false starts, and no-gos that seemed inherent in dating, I swore it off altogether.

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My own dating fast ended when I realized, a semester later, that besides a little extra cynicism nothing much had changed in my outlook.

We talked about future plans: And at the end of it, all I could think of was, “How do I keep from falling into this face first? We love not because we’re guaranteed forever, but because it feels good to love someone and be loved in return.

” Because more than we want that epic love, we want safety. When I realized what I was doing—typing that text to my friend—I slipped my phone back into my pocket and chuckled. Yet the moment I recognized and pushed aside that fear, making the commitment to let my heart do its thing, I felt joy surge through my body. And it felt SO GOOD to just rest in that state of love without worrying about the future. What would that look like, and how would your relationships be different?

The trouble is, rather than preparing me to get back out there, my dating fast became a reason not to date at all.

Although I hid my true motives under the guise of self-discovery, I was really not dating because I had given up.

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