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Rather, to know what the specific partner you are with wants and likes, you will have to ask her.She is the only one who can tell you, and if she is not sure yet herself, you can go exploring together.Sure, plenty of women do enjoy intercourse, but there are also plenty of women who don’t like it very much -- especially when that's all or most of what's happening -- and plenty who can take it or leave it.So, it’s no good assuming that women, as a whole, require a specific activity in a specific way to feel pleasure.It is a sexual activity many people do engage in and enjoy, but it is not inherently better or more important or more meaningful than any other, nor the activity that equals satisfaction for everyone, no matter how long it goes on for.And since it is not necessarily and automatically the "climax" of sex, there is no need for sexual activity to be over just because you’ve ejaculated.You and a doctor or educator could also talk about some things to help you feel more comfortable or confident which might also extend this time when it comes to what you really want for yourself, things like masturbating before dates, using condoms, making sure you're taking time with partners to build trust so you feel more comfortable with whatever happens during sex, or extending other kinds of sex before engaging in intercourse (which you can even extend to the point that your partner already feels satisfied and/or reaches orgasm before orgasm begins, which can take a lot of this pressure off).

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I don't want to get in a meaningful relationship only to have it end because I suck in bed. Should I seek some some sort of sex teacher to help me with this issue or do I have to live with this fault?

There are plenty of sexual activities that don’t require an erect penis -- just like there are plenty that don't require an erect clitoris -- so you can switch back to something else after intercourse; or chose not to engage in intercourse at all and go for other activities instead.

It’s all about what works best for you and your partner, after all.

First, let me see if I can’t put this in perspective a little by clearing up a misconception.

The average time it takes someone with a penis to ejaculate once vaginal intercourse starts is just shy of around six minutes.

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