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With Mibbit you can get a chat widget that is easy to use and has lots of configuration and connectivity options to IRC networks.

Tegra 3 failed to find its way into as many devices as Qualcomm's Snapdragon not for lack of power, but because of poor battery life.

Despite its companion core setup, Nvidia couldn't manage to integrate LTE in its chip, which negatively impacted battery life when compared to Qualcomm's integrated setup.

Scientists say the camera will be able to document things in chemistry, physics, biology, and medicine that have never been caught on camera before — things that take places on a femtosecond scale. Here’s a mind-boggling fact: there are As you might expect, the new camera doesn’t exactly work in the same way as a traditional camera.

Here’s a “simplified” explanation put forth by the university: “Currently, high-speed cameras capture images one by one in a sequence,” Lund writes.

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