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For our first date Rod rode a 300 mile round trip to watch me compete in a charity race.

We have very high hopes for a long, happy future together.” “I first contacted Lisa after reading her profile; we started to message and agreed to meet in a local pub. She later met my family and was an instant hit with them all, my children loved her.

Musically, a melodic passage from Yes' song "Close to the Edge" re-appears in the finale of "Safe (Canon Song)".

The closing passage on "Safe (Canon Song)" was played on the 4-string bass section of a double-neck guitar using only the pickups of the 6-string section.

To further promote the album a promotional film of "Hold Out Your Hand" and "You by My Side" was filmed in a studio that featured a mime performance with Bill Bruford on drums, Yes keyboardist Patrick Moraz on keyboards, Jackman on piano, and an orchestra.

The orchestra was formed of members of the London Symphony Orchestra who were on their way to work on another project, but Squire could only afford a short amount of their time, roughly half an hour for a mime performance, which cost £3,000.

The organ continues throughout the song creating an original sound and revealing Squire and Jackman's experience together, as church choristers, in their boyhood.

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Squire even sounds like Jon Anderson, especially on "Hold out Your Hand," and each of the song's melodies cater to Squire's vocal ascent.

Yes-like in every possible aspect, Chris Squire's Fish out of Water is an album that's typical of his band's progressive formula: softened keyboard extensions à la Patrick Moraz, steady yet atmospheric percussion work from Bill Bruford, and a smattering of flute and saxophone that accompanies a small orchestra, which includes effective horn and harp work.

Squire's guitar playing is standard, coming to life the most on "Silently Falling" and "Lucky Seven," with the former boosted by a rather dazzling synthesizer solo from Moraz.

Fish Out of Water was recorded in the spring and summer of 1975 in two studios: Surrey Sound Studios, a converted village hall in Leatherhead, Surrey owned by producer Nigel Gray, and Morgan Studios in London.

The title refers to his nickname "Fish", and being "...

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