Former fat guy dating

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Now this is not because they are uneducated, stupid or unwilling.

It’s because they have this innate fear of returning to their former fatty self.

These are usually the guys who have worked really hard on a fat loss diet with lots of cardio for many months to drop a ton of weight.

They are so excited about losing the extra fluff and now want to build their physique but their own fear sabotages them from taking the necessary steps to achieve their lofty goals.

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Once I got into athletics I turned into a husky boy and eventually graduated to a FFB.I say this is bullhonkey (nice attempt at swearing I know).The sad truth is being a former fat boy may even be worse on the psyche than starting out as a skinny bastard (as Joe De Franco would say).This obviously made him feel super uncomfortable and untrusting of the ladies. told me he had decided he just wasn’t ready, in the end, to start dating yet. So, I’m now officially tired of the former fat guys.He also couldn’t help but comment on how different it felt to be hugged by someone now that he was smaller. Chances of a Second Date: I was still a bit charmed by G.’s sweet messages to me so I was open to seeing him again and perhaps moving past this consuming weight focus. I assumed that this meant dating was getting in the way of his strict diet and exercise regime. And revalidated in my thought that talking about weight on a first date is BORING.

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