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Every girl has her own opinions and experiences with both dating pools.Some prefer men with a refreshing Natty and Sperrys while others prefer their men wearing Nikes and your school’s athletic gear.He appeared on the 2002 season of the British reality show Shipwrecked, which led to guest appearances on the television shows The Closer, Huff, NCIS, Jack & Bobby, and Numbers as well as a series regular role as the not-so-bright teenager Jeff Fenton on the 2006 ABC sitcom Sons & Daughters.In 2006, Wayne starred as Robbie Zirpollo in the movie The Surfer King.It's a great experience to have, but don't count on it to last very long or be very special, unless you happen to meet the right guy.And don't be afraid to date someone who isn't in a fraternity, either — I hear they can be pretty cool, too.Wayne also appeared on The Lying Game as Justin Miller, a boy that Laurel was seriously dating but broke up with because he was using Laurel to get revenge on her father, Ted, a surgeon who operated on his mother that died on the operating table.In college, you’re bound to date all types of guys, but two types we all tend to go after at some point or another are the frat star and the student athlete.

Not only is the setting beautiful, but the bond you make with everyone in the cabin is worth the mile hikes and freezing temperatures.Both stereotypes offer their pros and cons and, to be blunt, any kind of dating in college can be categorized as complicated.However, it’s time to put this debate to rest, so everyone, go grab your favorite cheap beer and jersey as we watch this fight unveil: Let's face it: Relationships can be tough, but relationships in college can be even tougher since everyone is keeping busy and is constantly stressed.Cons: The priorities A lot of the time, frat boys have priorities other than making sure you're having a good time; they're more focused on playing around with their brothers and keeping the drinks flowing.You may find yourself standing in a corner, waiting for the function bus to arrive and making awkward small talk with the other dates. There are no secrets within a fraternity, so whatever you do or say will be broadcast throughout the chapter.

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