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Aphrodite grows it in her garden on Mount Olympus, and it was used in love potions and spells.

“You always, always, always want to get probiotics,” Dazey said. You can have some die off of that bacteria, but actually you’ll feel worse before you feel better.” .“Vulgare” refers to the herb’s status as a common roadside weed — it was a medicine available to anyone and everyone in ancient Greek society, Jenn Dazey N. “If you’re using something locally, it’s more likely to have survived and developed the phytochemicals that would be more useful to you on a local level,” Morris said.“It all depends on what you need it for.” When choosing an oregano oil, however, it’s more important to choose a manufacturer that grows their oregano organically and distills it in a virgin carrier oil — preferably organic — than to choose a locally sourced oil, Morris said.Oregano essential oil is used frequently among holistic health practitioners.Alisha Olivier Park, founder of Tranquility Wellness Center in Encinitas, CA, uses oregano essential oil for several healing techniques.

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