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Temperatures fluctuate widely, with great variations between subregions.

Average January temperatures in northern and central regions range from −2° to 3° F (−19° to −16° C); in the south, temperatures are milder, ranging from 23° to 29° F (−5° to −1.4° C).

Nuclear bomb testing conducted during the Soviet period near Semey (Semipalatinsk) contaminated the soils in the vicinity., as well as the commercially important ermine and sable, are found in the hills.

Kazakhstan’s climate is sharply continental, and hot summers alternate with equally extreme winters, especially in the plains and valleys.In parts of northeastern and southwestern Kazakhstan, where collapsed as a result of industrial and agricultural pollution, efforts to revive fish populations have shown some success.In 2008 Kazakhstan’s Naurzum and Korgalzhyn state nature reserves were named a The extremely wide dispersion of population in Kazakhstan is reflected in the large number of small settlements.Another large influx of Slavs occurred from 1954 to 1956 as a result of the In the early years of independence, significant numbers of ethnic Russians in Kazakhstan emigrated to Russia.This emigration, along with a return to the country of ethnic Kazakhs, changed the demographic makeup of Kazakhstan: by the mid-1990s the Kazakh proportion was approaching half the total population, while that for the Russians was closer to one-third.

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