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She won an Emmy Award and a first place award for American Women in Radio and Television.

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Fear of Men along the migration route is very common among women and girls. Women and girls, especially those travelling alone, face particularly high risks of sexual violence by smugglers, criminal groups and individuals in countries along the route.

Since the closure of the Balkan Route and the enforcement of the EU-Turkey deal, the monthly arrivals to Greece have been not less than 1400 to almost 4000 registered new arrivals on the Greek islands and mainland.How do they obtain the resources to pay for this services if we know that the at the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016 the people fleeing trough the WB were more and more economically challenged.LEGIS managed to open small mission on one of the main points of the smuggling/trafficking channel in the country, Lipkovo area, in August 2016, providing emergency aid, referrals and monitoring HR abuses and practices by authorities, followed by Red Cross that provides medical assistance in the area.The dangers of the journey often force the people to throw their belongings, including documents and money, into the sea.The refugee women that use the irregular channels going through Macedonia and the Western Balkans are in imminent danger of various assaults, violence and kidnapping, or at best, they are in danger from the harsh environment, sleeping in forests and in open air on low temperatures, even arsenic wasteland and mine, drinking polluted water, not having access to medical care or emergency aid.

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