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“I signed up for the same reason the rest of us did: to skip all the niceties that come with these other dating apps,” he explained.

He’s tired of talking about futile subjects—“Who cares if I heard Lemonade and Views?

“I’m here for a threesome or maybe even just to meet a single girl who’s not totally insane,” a 22-year-old, “heteroflexible” user told us through a message on 3nder.

“These apps all seem inherently flawed because everyone on them has insecurity issues, at least in my experience.

In her academic article for NYU Press, “3nder and the Threesome Imaginary,” Dr.

Schippers wrote, “According to representations of 3nder threesomes, the couple is heterosexual and the person invited into their bed is a woman…Where are the threesomes that include two men and one woman? Schippers believes 3nder is doing little to dispel the myth of the F/F/M threesome infamous in popular culture, whether it’s on Gossip Girl or in Wild Things.

Only 8 percent of the couples are not male and female, and 34 percent of the members don’t identify as straight.

its probably been suggested a million times but why doesnt couples have a live chat room facility?Alexandra*, a Los Angeles native on 3nder, was in committed, heterosexual relationships she called “restrictive,” until she moved to New York earlier this year.“It wasn’t until I was engagement ring shopping that I realized I wasn’t ready to give up everything for marriage.When asked what people were looking for on 3nder, the most popular response was “open-minded friends,” or “people open to new experiences.” Tinder and Ok Cupid can be safe spaces to seek out others with singular tastes, a la Fifty Shades of Grey, but anyone who has ever swiped right knows it’s far too easy to e-run into a co-worker or childhood friend.On 3nder, everyone knows what they’re signing up for—there’s no chance of pretending you made a mistake.

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