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Cabela's club visa card is nothing special, you'll earn points to redeem at the store overtime like any other rewards card as you use it.The best part of the card​ is having no annual fee.I just got done changing all of my auto payments and I am canceling my card with them. I have a very high limit, and make large purchases and pay off balance completely every month. Recently I was in Cabellas and was intrigued by the Visa and rewards system. I called the number, and they said it was for fraud prevention.I have never missed a payment always pay my bill in full each month and have a The only reason they received 1 star is because there was not a lower option. I had plenty of Hotel rooms, and liked the Idea of hunting supplies. I decided to use the card on a 3400 dollar camera for a Christmas gift. I appreciated their concern, and answered all their security questions, and they said it was good to go. Called back again, after holding up the line at Best Buy for 45 minutes.

Days later im getting called from there debt collection, who has no information to what happened just that i didnt pay, long story short because of this small error they dropped my limit by 00 putting a 20 point dent in my credit score.This will take another 10 business Had someone unauthorized attempting to use my card.I was notified by the Worlds Foremost and a cancellation was placed on the card.I paid off my card to help my score and have money for my vacation in case of an unforeseen problem, now I have neither.No credit limit and no way it will help my credit score and no extra money for my vacation.

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