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I then unplugged every other device from the router and disabled wifi.

I now had a totally isolated, disposable machine with nothing more than an internet connection.

But it’s not always that way; innocent people who are not tech-savvy enough to recognise the scam are frequently being caught and it’s often the people who can least afford to part with the cash.

The scam centres around finding victims who are vulnerable and easily exploited for the benefit or crooks on the other side of the world.

However it also doesn’t give them persistent remote control beyond that initial session so I suspect it’s used to validate that the “mark” is willing to go along with the scam before divulging something of value to them – the Log Me In PIN.

Now, I want to be absolutely crystal clear that this is a scam from the outset.

The machine was as up to date and as secure as it could be without going to third party products.

I then added various items to the desktop which might appear a bit tempting such as “Passwords.txt” and “2011 Finances.xls”.

I’d asked around about other people having received scam calls and was given a phone number in the UK (01916451644) and one in Australia (0872001644), both having previously been left by the scammers.

Fortunately I did know about such things so rather than summarily dismissing them with a level of disdain I normally reserve only for telemarketers, I recorded the audio of the call right up until the point where they were ready to take control of my PC.

I published the whole episode in my post titled Anatomy of a virus call centre scam.

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