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Parallel Kingdom - Using either GPS or Wi-Fi Locate, Parallel Kingdom overlays a virtual map on top of a real world map, so as you move through the real world you'll also be exploring the virtual one.

As with any other RPG game like this, you'll collect treasures, upgrade your items, chat with other players and more. Perilar Lite - A turn-based RPG in the old school computer style.

Explore the dungeon in all of its glorious ASCII artwork as you replace the old key commands with simple onscreen taps.

Sorcerer #1 - A wire-frame dungeon game where a party of up to six players can explore and fight all of the various creatures that reside in it.

There are over 1,000 items for you to try to locate to fight or barter for, and you can chat with other players about what you are looking for or take it to their community forums. As you grow in power, people will offer you land to buy, bankers will want to launder your money and more.

The free version does not allow you to partner with any other mobs and only lets you play through experience level 9.

Reign of Swords Free - An award winning turn-based strategy game that features you controlling large medieval armies.

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Rogue - The popular 1980s Unix system game that was played at colleges across the country is now in your hand.(Yes, this is a parody of how easy some people think games have become).i Empire Lite - A MMORPG for i Phones and i Pod Touch users.This free version features 5 levels, while the full version has hundreds.HDL Char Gen - Works with the Tremorworks character generation system for role playing games where stats for speed are calculated by using some of your other stats. IDLE Venture - Do you find actually working for your accomplishments in role playing games too hard? Set up your character in IDLE Venture and let it do the work for you.

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