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The following year the Societé des Républicaines-Révolutionnaires, a fervently Republican club of middle and lower class women, took to the streets threatening to whip any woman who failed to don the cockade, even though the wearing of them had not been mandated for womena scale insect (Dactylopius coccus) from Mexico and Central America that lives on prickly pear cactus, the female of which are full of red carminic acid.

They are collected, dried and crushed to create red dyes that were highly prized by the early European textile industry and still used today.

The cochlea receives vibrations conveyed from the timpanic membrane via the small bones of the middle ear.

The last of these bones is connected to the oval window of the cochlea.

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Because of the inability to produce an optical black, black ink needs to be added to the three primaries in order to overcome this problempaper that has a coating applied to it giving the sheet a brighter, glossier appearance, and improved printability by preventing ink absorption.Current cochlear implants allow people to listen easily to speech, but not music.An external box contains a microphone to pick up the sound, converts it from radiowaves into electrical signals (using batteries to power the implant) which are transmitted via an electrode inside the ear to the auditory nerve in the cochlea.Wooden boards held it together, and, to protect it when it was being carried, the whole book was slipped into a goatskin leather bag.Later the term codex was applied to any handwritten book, in particular one produced from Late Antiquity through to the Middle Ages.

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