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Consular authorities consider that a foreigner’s habitual residence is deemed to be in the consular district which meets the following criteria: • stay of more than three months in the “visa district”; • if the applicant is a national of a third party country, proper legal residence in Surinam or Guyana.

For a Schengen visa application (short stay), a foreign expatriate in transit that is in good standing in Surinam or Guyana may, in case of emergency, submit his application at Embassy of France in Surinam, provided he is able to justify the reasons for his application.

• Supporting evidence of stay: proof of accommodation (“attestation d’accueil”) copy (document to be obtained from the town hall of the host’s residence) or hotel reservation limited to 10 days; beyond the 10 days, hotel reservations must be accompanied by proof of payment for the total reservation period; ownership title or lease in your name with recent invoices (water, gas, electricity…).

• If you are traveling to France for business, a letter from your employer in Surinam /Guyana stating that you are going to France on their behalf, for what purpose and when, the name, address and contact number of the company to be visited is required.

• One (1) application form duly completed and signed; • Two (2) passport size fotos in colour, recent (less than three months), original, in format 35 mm X 45 mm with clear and uniform background; • Original passport (and copy of your passport’s identification page and pages with Schengen or DOM visas).

Transcending cultural differences and customs is just a small step to achieve that.

All foreign nationals wishing to come to France must be able to present at the border the legal proofs relating to the object of the stay, the means of existence and the conditions of lodging. It must be requested before departure to the French consular services. To find out if you need a visa, to obtain information on how to apply, and to download the forms, consult the file "Coming to France" on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs The visa application must be filed with the consulate of the Schengen country of principal destination (where you will spend most of your time).

The processing time is about 10 days, in order to avoid unexpected delays we STRONGLY suggest to apply at least 2 weeks before your departure.

Please apply in advance, do not wait for the last minute. IMPORTANT : Due to a high number of applicants during the months of JUNE, JULY, AUGUST and DECEMBER, please apply in advance.

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