Giovanni dos santos dating belinda

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Doesn’t that combination of names just make you want to puke? Alexia Imaz is actually known in Mexico for getting physically abused by her ex-boyfriend, Saade Murillo.She posted a picture on her social networking sites, and there was a big outrage over it. Thankfully, Giovani Dos Santos doesn’t look like he’s been doing any abusing, and the two are now engaged.The video shows the "Complices Al Rescate" telenovela star annoyed that fans wanted her to perform a song from her childhood days called "El Baile Del Sapito." The short clip became a trending topic on social media and the star replied to critics with a little bit of humor."It makes me laugh that you don't know how to differentiate and realize everything is part of the show," she tweeted.Mexican Soccer player Giovani dos Santos is trying to win the World Cup in Brazil, the former Barcelona midfielder who currently plays with Villarreal is dating the beautiful Mexican model Alexia Imaz.25-year-old Giovani dos Santos one of Mexico’s amazing players is the son of the former Brazilian soccer player Zizihno, who played with America, Necaxa, Leon and Monterrey in the 80’s and 90’s while in Mexico he met dos Santos’ mom Liliana Ramirez.Alexia herself is the daughter of The Director of National Security in Mexico. They were dating for just a couple of weeks before they decided they’d get married.Seems a little foolhardy, but that’s just one fool’s opinion.

Since then, he’s been on the decline, and his game against Brazil didn’t help.Netting two goals in the first match, though disallowed, may be enough for Dos Santos to keep his starting position and not get edged out by his teammate Hernandez.Mexican footballer Giovani dos Santos Ramírez is full name of Giovani dos Santos. The first or paternal family name is dos Santos and the second or maternal family name is Ramírez. Maybe seeing his girlfriend caught with another man at a nightclub didn’t sit so well with Giovani Dos Santos. Rumors out of Mexico indicate that Belinda and Gio have split up but neither of them have confirmed or denied.Today on International-Sounding Couples Daily, we present to you Giovani Dos Santos’ girlfriend Alexia Imaz. Where’s your two saints to protect ya’ from the international name slayer?

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