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If you make a move and she's not into you, you feel bummed, but what have you lost, exactly? If you don't make a move and she's into you, and for whatever reason she isn't comfortable making a move, then you lost your shot. If you don't make a move and she's not into you, that's fine ...

but how will you ever really know if that's what happened here?

While it may be that a woman sends mixed signals because she doesn't want to make things too easy for you -- some women enjoy playing hard to get -- it becomes clear after a certain point that she's just messing with you.

If she's sending mixed signals from the beginning, decide how long you'll allow it to go on.

If she doesn't like you and was just having fun flirting, she'll probably stop.

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If you make a move and she's into you, everything's fabulous. You can stop trying to make her your girlfriend, and reserve that energy for someone else. Just try to show that you like him without bending over backwards or selling yourself out.If he likes you, he’ll start to show more initiation.If you notice her giving you sideways glances and waiting for a response, don't give her one.When she calls or texts after giving you the cold shoulder for three days, don't answer or text back.

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