Gman dating

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These fakes have all of the earmarks of an emotionally abusive relationship – just without the physical presence to go with it.

Some of the most visible cases of catfishing come from would-be pranksters.Some will go so far as to fake their own deaths, just to keep the sympathy train rolling.Some folks get their jollies from manipulating others emotionally; they love to keep their victims off balance by constantly blowing hot and cold.They’re the emotional equivalent of a rickety roller-coaster – their moods soar and plummet unpredictably and forever feel like they’re just about to go flying out of control.They use sudden bouts of jealousy and anger to keep the victim constantly seeing their forgiveness and approval and get incredibly lovey-dovey to keep them sweet – often making over-the-top gestures like sending dozens of roses to their “beloved’s” place of work.

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