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Another question is whether private citizens can install cameras in nursing homes.

Susan Master, of Worthington, cheered when she read De Wines comments. Ill deal with the consequences when the time comes,? Master left a clock radio equipped with a video camera in her mothers room. I saw my mother sitting up in bed, calling out for help, for several hours, she said last week.

Was there a roommate or anyone else recorded who didnt give consent?

We dont know." The tapes have not been released because the investigation is ongoing, De Wine said.

At a minimum, a LTC resident and their roommate have a right to privacy in their room, and their consent to the installation of a granny cam is required.

Beyond this, a LTC facility's obligations under HIPAA may be implicated by the installation of granny cams in residents' rooms.

The camera use left many of the states nursing homes with more questions than answers, said Pete Van Runkle, the executive director of the Ohio Health Care Association, whose members include more than 800 residential-care facilities. The first question many asked was whether the surveillance cameras were legal.

It marked the first time state authorities had used "granny cams" to spy on nursing-home operations. It marked the first time state authorities had used granny cams to spy on nursing-home operations. Its a new day and a new way of approaching this, he said on that June 6 morning. So far this year, the attorney generals office has opened 131 abuse and neglect cases, compared with 74 cases in the same period last year.A federal law ensures privacy of medical treatment and records. Its a huge, huge issue from the standpoint of privacy and personal care, Rolf said.The idea that an individual could be videotaped in a bed receiving the most intimate of care for a perfect stranger to review strikes me as an incredible violation of privacy.Also, certain granny cam interceptions can violate wiretapping and electronic surveillance statutes.Finally, it is demoralizing to caregivers and hurts the morale of the team.

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