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She invites you to live in the grand Pearl Palace..tells you its dark story. The quest is not required for ownership, nor is it required at all. View Readme online for complete list of features: Palace Readme.htm***********Seaside Cottage*****************This mod adds a breezy little cottage, decorated in the shabby chic style, o­n a small private island in Azura's Coast region. The cottage cell behaves like an exterior cell, allowing the light in the cottage to change throughout the day (fitting for it's large windows).A completely undersea experience, all the windows are sea through, with views of undersea creatures outside of them. You can also enjoy wonderful views of the moon sparkling off the water or the stars twinkling in the sky.Requires either Tribunal or Bloodmoon***********Xenterra Keep*****************This house was made by request for a member of the Official Elder Scrolls Forums.I tried to incorporate as many of this member's ideas as possible. While having this house be Tarhiel's last dwelling was a last minute decision, it adds a bit to the mystery of Tarhiel.The cottage is decorated with lots of flowers, handpainted dishes in a rose theme, cozy sofas, and lots of detail.The cottage can be purchased from the female caretaker for 3000 gold. Requires both Tribunal and Bloodmoon Expansions Necessities Of Morrowind patch available.***********Magus Realm Tower Version 2 *****************At the beginning of time, a powerful Mage named Magus split time into fragments.

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Some of these mods are really old, I spent years modding for Morrowind. Category list in order: Houses Better Bodies Clothing Races Companions Appearance Misc Enhancements & Replacers Modders Resources Tutorials*****************************************************CATEGORY: HOUSES****************************************************************ASCADIAN ROSE COTTAGE*****************Ascadian Rose Cottage is your home, away from home.

A wave of compassion and curiosity crash over you...compelling you to speak to this strange creature.

The creature is startled that you have chosen to speak with her, and is warmed by your compassion.

I created this home because I knew I could have in Morrowind what I dream for in real life: A rich and cozy rose cottage.

This home was inspired by a few images I found of old English cottages.

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