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The national anthem is "The Hymn to Freedom" (" Imnos pros teen elefteeriahn "). the city-states united to defeat Persia, a common enemy, but national unity proved to be short-lived.

The power struggle between Athens and Sparta, the principal city-states, dominated the period.

The Hellenistic Age that followed Alexander's rule lasted until 146 395, Greece became part of the Eastern Empire, which continued as the Byzantine Empire until 1453.

On April 27, 1967, Colonel George Papadopoulos led a military coup, resulting in the suspension of constitutionally guaranteed rights and the imposition of harsh social controls.

Papadopoulos declared Greece a republic in 1973 and put an end to the monarchy before his government was overthrown.

In 1952 Greece joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and also granted women the right to vote and to hold political office.

During 1952 to 1963 Alexander Papagos and Konstantinos Karamanlis each held the office of prime minister.

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