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Normally this would not be an issue as firms are free to advertise the services of their own businesses.But Austin's, chaired by John Austin and managed by his daughter Claire and her husband Peter Hope, had only been allowed to build the crematorium if it agreed to allow other funeral directors to use it.

It added that Austin's was not competing on merits of its service, but gaining customers by handicapping Burgess.

Due to their high degradation rate, these compounds are expected to occur in low abundances in relict organic matter deposited at this site.

A glacial-geological controversy | The Sirius Debate | The view from East Antarctica | Summary | References | Comments | This page was contributed by Professor Michael Hambrey, and all figures and photographs are copyright Mike Hambrey.

This study applied compound-specific radiocarbon analysis (CSRA) to a 186-m-long sediment core (U1357A) taken from Adélie Basin located on the continental shelf off Wilkes Land, East Antarctica.

The CSRA targeted C-enol isolated from the sediment.

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