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He's been looking for something that will put the final nail in the coffin.And then, as if in answer to a prayer, he heard about Sex Week at Yale.My train arrived in New Haven an hour or so before the first scheduled lecture (on "intersex" issues), which gave me a chance to take a nostalgic sex-scandal tour of the Yale campus and wonder, What the hell is it with Yale and sex?I first passed the Tomb of Skull and Bones, the legendary secret society that made a ritual of sexual confessions—when not ruling the world, planning the Kennedy assassination, and the like.The bonobos have a lot of recreational sex, whereas violence prevails among the demonic males of certain larger primate species.As the Harvard notetaker put it, "So basically Bonobos are a species of female dominated sex freaks.But the academic lectures on sex and romance seemed to promise just the aversion therapy I was seeking.I know, from keeping up with trendy literary theory, that the more ostensibly "sexual" most academic theorists get, the further from actual sex they get.

A faculty panel on sex in college with four professors.Gilda Carle (sex therapist), Nancy Slotnick (Harvard graduate and owner/operator of the Drip Cafe in NYC), and lastly Dr.Susan Block [also a sex-therapist radio host, and a Yale graduate].There's nothing like the prospect of a week of academic theorizing about sex and love to make you want to give it all up.And that's exactly what I was hoping for when I heard about Sex Week at Yale—lots of theory, lots of abstraction, lots of intellectual distance.

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