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She fightsbravely, courageously, and without holding back. She'll deliver the final blow herselfwith violence if necessarybut she'll always mix the violence with class.

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Not to be confused with Nothing Up My Sleeve where silk sleeves ares used to hide steel weapons For "Steel Hiding Silk", see the classical variety of Tsundere, or, more literally, Samus Is a Girl.

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"Go ahead and check her over," said Sonny, and Matthew restarted the process with the woman's delicate wrist. They decided to turn all investigation over to the Mississippi Highway Patrol and get the whole damn thing out of the county.

But Matthew saw there was something uncommonly wrong now, as he caught the look of worry and excitement from Sonny over at the bed. "He made us leave, but he didn't actually tell us to go. So she said, ' Well, if you're leaving, so am I.'"It was really crazy. So Sheriff Sowell and Deputy Mc Cauley understood without much talking the program they'd have to arrange.

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