Hometown dating

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not a dating app), just before Tinder really took off.

I have therefore only ever briefly used it myself, although I am always an overenthusiastic backseat driver on my friend’s Tinder (and Bumble and Hinge and Ok Cupid) expeditions when they include me.

I don’t want to risk seeing someone I know.”“It’s funny, because these are all the same people from my hometown I see on Facebook,” says another friend, a 28-year old bisexual woman working in the restaurant industry, who is from a town in the San Francisco Bay Area, near where I also grew up.

Over any major holiday or break from a work schedule, hometowns become a sort of time travel, a way for people who have made adult lives elsewhere to return to their origin story.Tinder has in recent years become less of a hookup app and more of a dating-focused one, with many people seeking long term serious relationships on it.(Which is not to say that there aren’t still plenty of “U up?My mom used to say that whenever my dad got within 50 miles of his mom’s house, he suddenly became a teenage boy.Our hometowns become a kind of permission and hideaway, a place where we don’t have to be ourselves, where our actions don’t count and we get to be briefly less visible than we are in the adult homes we’ve made for ourselves elsewhere, the places where we expect ourselves to take action and achieve things and move upward through each day.

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