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Microsoft was "deeply sorry for the unintended offensive and hurtful tweets from Tay", and would "look to bring Tay back only when we are confident we can better anticipate malicious intent that conflicts with our principles and values".

i know it looked like i just hadn't bothered to optimise things properly, but that just wasn't the case. Girls are impossible to pick up, even with a name like F*** ME i crash and burn (tear in eye) my gameplay Me: (bad pickup line) Girl : No how could this happen to me, i made my mistakes, got nowhere to run, i just want to scream: HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN TO ME It's kind of entertaining but there's no indication of what the little symbols mean when you're trying to pick her up.

Artificial intelligence researcher Roman Yampolskiy commented that Tay's misbehavior was understandable because it was mimicking the deliberately offensive behavior of other Twitter users, and Microsoft had not given the bot an understanding of inappropriate behavior.

He compared the issue to IBM's Watson, which had begun to use profanity after reading entries from the website Urban Dictionary.

"Me: Oh please, we all know that you were gonna try to advertise some fake cam girl site in an attempt to scam young boys out of their parents' money."Bot: "only thing fake are maybe my t*** lol."Me: "Ah, so you are a drag queen trying to scam boys. "Me: "Tell your programmer that he needs to do a better job with your ai."Bot: "lol, well i have an idea if ure up for a lil fun"Me: "You still are not scamming me. Kinda scary to think what they'll be like 10 years from now. But in all seriousness, these bots used to just spew their gimmick and they never replied to anything you would say.

Better luck with the next person bot."Bot: "ok, now you really lost me?? You might actually get a voice and face out of them. Kinda scary to think what they'll be like 10 years from now.

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