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So Sofia and Gabi went to tell him a pice of their mind and they went to attakc him only to find out that it was a woman in the suit and not Ruben.So when Ruben the showed up he told he lied to her cause Gabi told him too. Meanwhile Yolanda was having a date with Marco but she kept imagining Elliot so she left.

But Elliot didn't want to help so Gabi had to look with her nose cause she had dirty hands off making dumplings.And where more realistic illustrations would feel overwrought and sentimental, Proimoss flat, cartoony drawings, with their heavy lines and blocky shapes, are sturdy and sweet, reflecting a childs clear-eyed innocence."Proimos ink-lined, digitally colored illustrations are the pitch-perfect tonal complement to Collins narration, with the family portrayed as wide-eyed, childlike cartoons that carry on with daily life in crayon-bright hues, while young Suzys angst-filled imaginings take shape in full-spread, full-bleed gray-tone scenes that twist her innocent favorite animals into recurrent nightmarish motifs and symbols of war.With text and illustrations that invite close reading, this will be a powerful title to share with children well beyond picture-book age."Collins offers no moralizing on war, just a vivid reminder of what it's like to be young and innocent in a world that's not.I can see a lot of kids whose parents are in someplace called Afghanistan or another confusing place identifying with Suzy."Collins deftly balances the fear and freakout of a little girl who learns her dad's in danger with the upbeat, optimistic portrayal of a kid going about the business of being a kid.James Proimos' cartoony illustrations are more reassuring and funny than scary.

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