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In ancient China, marriage decisions were only made by parents, which was called "Chinese dating". Female participant questions the parents who have chosen her and asks about their sons. Female participant's parents, the host and audience share their opinions. Jin, who has a sharp personal style, is famous for her sharp point of view and courage.Are the judgments of parents still wise and accurate in today's world? But now it's turning to China to step up its expansion."We have taken this investment in our company to accelerate our growth," Grindr's founder and chief executive, Joel Simkhai, said in a blog post."And it may make us rethink our strategy by considering going public in the Chinese stock market instead of overseas ones." Related: Tinder blasts billboards linking apps to STDs Homosexuality is a delicate subject in China.It's no longer officially banned, but propaganda and culture officials often take a conservative line, removing gay-themed TV shows from the Internet and allowing homophobic sex education textbooks.The most popular Chinese TV dating show, "Chinese Dating", may give you a new perspective to this question. Complimentary flight tickets and accommodations will be provided if you're chosen.

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If the parents hit it off, and believe they’ve found a good match for their offspring, they’ll arrange a blind date and hope for sparks to fly.

Founded in 2008, Beijing Kunlun is barely older than Grindr.

It went public last year and employs more than 1,000 people, according to its website.

David then asks her to share internal documents with him, as these would help him "write academic articles", which she does.

Xiao Li is then questioned by police, after it is revealed that David is "an overseas spy in China to steal political and military information".

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