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According to witnesses, police fired rubber bullets to disperse at least one crowd and several people were detained.Organisers of a Trans Pride March were also stopped from marching in Istanbul's main square on Sunday.Such cases of systematic police harassment have been widely reported by human rights groups like Amnesty International. But, while homosexuality was decriminalized in the dying days of the Ottoman Empire, way before most European countries, there are no laws protecting LGBTI people from hate crimes. Gender-bending stars like Bulent Ersoy are showered with public affection, while transgender people on the ground face a daily struggle to stay alive.Under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has been steering the country away from its secular traditions toward a religiously conservative mindset, homophobia is on the rise.On the one hand, Hande Kader was a turning point for people becoming interested in trans issues, he says.

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Unable to talk at the window, she tells her story via Whats App, a phone texting app.Any hopes of legal progress have evaporated since the 2013 Gezi Park riots, in which LGBTI activists took a front-line stand against the increasingly authoritarian regime of the Justice and Development Party, or AKP.This year's gay pride march — the largest in any predominantly Muslim country, drawing tens of thousands of participants — was banned by Istanbul city authorities after hardline religious groups threatened violence. And while it’s true that the country has undergone a series of attacks blamed on ISIS and armed Kurdish groups over the past two years, critics believe that the timing of the event, which coincided with Ramadan, was the more likely reason.She says her experience of sex work has been a “disaster.” Just recently, she tried to kill herself.She doesn't want to sell her body any more, but feels “obliged.” There is literally nowhere else for her to go. “In Turkey, around 95 percent of transgender women end up doing sex work,” says Celik Ozdemir, 40, spokesperson for the Istanbul LGBTI Solidarity Association.

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