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Special thanks to John, Gloria, Lucie, Gayle, Alfred, Judy, and everyone who has helped, and of course not forgetting Marianne and Gail.Chicago Tribune reports late this afternoon that Macy's on State Street is getting ready for the holiday season.* For this Saturday, we will be using signs and materials mostly from earlier this year and last holiday season, taking the pulse before we update our materials. PLEASE DO: If you plan to come, please let me know so we can expect you.* Reminder of some rules on our group page here 1) Please save (ie do not post) nostalgia items on Saturdays when we are out on State Street; and 2) post no regrets about being unable to attend on this group page. My email is jjmckay AT me DOT com PUT YOUR WORDS HERE INTO ACTION!Due to problems with spam attacks--some even from those opposed to our cause--during certain periods, posts are moderated.As a result, it may take up to seven days for your post to appear, but usually it will take less than a day, and sometimes even immediately.Off-topic, obviously incorrect, disrespectful or abusive posts will removed at the host's discretion, although an attempt will be made to contact the author, assuming a valid email address is provided with the post.The ethos is conversational--corrections are welcomed. Differing or opposing views are welcome and such posts should respect that this is a blog for opinions of Field's supporters.

Please make a plan to stop and help or at least say hello and pose for a selfie.From until about , the CFO says that the upper floors of State Street will be repurposed for office space like what is happening at the NYC Lord & Taylor flagship and the downtown Seattle Macy's.You can listen here: entity=16_YIFESRR or follow the links from macysinc DOT com.Je suis assez impatient maintenant de voir la prochaine Place Ricard (je crois quon va recevoir le magazine 2 avant l'été)En ce qui concerne la saga Paul Ricard, c'est vrai que entre nous c'est une grande histoire d'amour, du coup, je connais beaucoup de chose de sa vie, j'ai lu ses bouquins!mais c'était agréable de rappeler qui il était, merci!! par contre, le truc sur la Chine, ca m'a vraiment pas trop interessé (c'est vrai, on s'enfout, nous ce qui nous interesse, c'est qu'on le boivent en France !!!

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