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He is correct that the upper floors of State Street have been empty for over 25 years.

J'ai enfin reçu mon magazine et des bons de réduction mais aussi un petit dépliant qui va me permettre de continuer ma collection Ricard!! J'étais vraiment content de lire le magazine, il est cool, gai, et en plus il y a plein d'info; Moi, j'ai appris plein de choses, j'espère que vous aussi mes amis collectionneurs et aussi ceux qui laisse des commentaires sur mon blog :)Un de mes articles préféré, c'est celui de l'Anis, j'ai du coup fait un petit voyage en Chine, mmmhhh ce bon anis d'asie, quel gout il donne à notre Ricard!Macy's CEO: 'We're not where we want to be, but we're working on all the right things' Like other retailers, Macy's is adapting to customers' changing habits. today's Morgan Stanley Global Consumer & retail Conference, Macy's, Inc.CEO Jeff Gennette says the company is making progress. CFO, Karen Hoguet commented on the future of the Chicago State Street store that used to be operated as Marshall Fields.I have in fact presented Macys with similar numbers, acquired in a method a little more rigorous than this, without some of the demographic skewing you would find in a Facebook group either.Macys head didnt dismiss them, they just did not comment.

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