Intimidating football names

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But when you typed in “Fantasy Football League Names,” it brought you here.

Hopefully, you aren’t playing in a boring league called, “Fantasy League.” If so, then you need a new Fantasy Football league name.

We also combined some names which were essentially identical (Deez Nuts/Nutz, Dez Nuts/Nutz, Adrian Beaterson/Beatherson, and Multiple Scorgasms/Scoregasms).

Cleveland Steamers (328) Ed note: in the interest of simplicity, we standardized team names for capitalization, punctuation, and weird characters/emojis.

Some people find team names that make pop culture references funny, such as 2015's top name, "The Big Tebowski" and 2011's top name "Whatchu' Talkin' 'Bout Hillis." Others find team names that skirt vulgarity, such as "Show Me Your TDs," a top name in 20.

Continue Reading"The Big Tebowski" uses quarterback Tim Tebow's name to play off of the popular 1998 film "The Big Lebowski." Meanwhile, "Whatchu' Talkin' 'Bout Hillis" used running back Peyton Hillis' name to make a joke out of a catchphrase from 1980s sitcom "Diff'rent Strokes." "Show Me Your TDs" uses the pronunciation for the abbreviation for touchdown to play on a request made to display someone's breasts.

Cleveland Browns The Cleveland Browns are a professional American football team based in Cleveland, Ohio.

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The results are about as pun-laden, juvenile, and just plain dumb as you'd expect. Works better if you have both De Marco and Latavius.)Dalton’s Abbey The Hauschka Always Wins Creamy Nugent Gould Members Scobee Snacks Yippee Ki Yay Justin Tucker DRAFT STRATEGY AND TIERS: Quarterbacks |  Running backs |  Wide receivers |  Tight ends |  D/STs |  PPR" data-reactid="94"Here’s My Number, So Call Me Brady Insta Graham The Tannehills Have Eyes (or The Jeremy Hills Have Eyes)Dude, Where’s Derek Carr?The Backfields and Mc Coys James Starks of Winterfell The Gurley Gates Sanu Jack City El Gordo Y La Flacco (Just draft Melvin or Josh Gordon and Joe's not hard.)Tyrod Lannisters The Funchess Bunch (Even better if you have "Cammy Cam" Newton, too.)Mockingjay Cutler Giovani Vidi Vici RELATED: Beware of these types of fantasy owners" data-reactid="112"RELATED: Beware of these types of fantasy owners House of Griffindoor, RG3PO (RGIII is back and so are bad puns with his name!)It’s Von Like Donkey Kong Staff Infection Lacy Underalls Rebel Yeldons Goff and Wet and/or Soft and Wentz (Now that's synergy)Garoppolo by Ralph Lauren Fleener Than a Junkyard Dog O-dell No!Bolo Contendre (This is the team name Philip Rivers' owners deserve.)Blaine? (This is an especially good team name in October when NFL players wear pink for breast cancer awareness.)" data-reactid="123"Blaine? (This is an especially good team name in October when NFL players wear pink for breast cancer awareness.)Magic Mikes (Get Evans, Floyd, and even Christine Michael.)Mr.

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