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The guy who upon getting to his seat, the window inside of my aisle seat wanted to go to the restroom even while people were still boarding (Excuse me, Mr. On a resent trip with a plane stocked largely of those from the sub-continent, my better half remarked on the nasty smell in the plane.

Dumb Indian, but there are restrooms next to the waiting room and it is a 16-hour flight, are you going to do this a couple of dozen times? She was quite horrified when I had to point out to her that it was the people! I board early because I now have so many miles, But on this one flight I got to my seat to find a woman wiyh a baby and a three-year old sitting in my seat.

It was the last time I let one of them have their way.

I will call the vrew and even ask that someone like that find another seat.

That was where the three-year old was supposed to sit.

Then she got huffy and subborn that I would not accommodate her.

I can’t believe you people, honestly how disrespectful can you get?

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