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Both chronologies cover periods for which there are no other tree-ring chronologies in this region, and could become key to refining the local Iron Age chronology.

Cronologia relativa e assoluta di alcuni contesti veneti dell'età del Bronzo recente, finale e degli inizi dell'età del Ferro. Atti dell'Incontro di studio “Oriente e Occidente: metodi e discipline a confronto.

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Unlike ordinary backups, Kryptel-produced ones are encrypted and can safely be stored anywhere, even on a public Web drive.The term cold-blooded denotes that a creature's internal temperature is determined by its environment (in contrast to warm-blooded creatures, whose bodies maintain an internal temperature independent of their environment). A tetrapod is a creature with four limbs; a limb is a jointed appendage that extends from an animal's body. 52 - "Hand tool: smelting", Encyclopedia Britannica. While glacial periods made survival more difficult, they also lowered the sea level, easing human colonization of the world. We currently live in an interglacial period, which began ca. About 14 billion years ago, the Big Bang gave birth to a universe containing pockets of dust.

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