Is liam payne dating demi lovato

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He released his debut single, "Strip That Down," on Friday."Obviously I've just started being a dad and also I'm promoting my single and she gives me no bother about it.

He had recently revealed he wanted to name him Arthur."I said to her, 'Look, you gave birth to him, at the end of the day you carried him around for nine months, I think you have the right to choose the name,' he said.The single – which features Migos rapper Quavo – has gone triple platinum in Australia, double platinum in Canada and Ireland and has achieved platinum status in the USA, UK, Italy, New Zealand and Sweden. Cheryl, 34, took to Instagram gush over Liam achieving solo success.The 3 Words singer shared a report showing Liam's US number one.In the year 3000, the country of Denim has created a new form of entertainment: The Hunger Games, where 24 groups or individuals have to fight to the death. When Harry Styles meets Niall Horan, they click instantly.When Justin Bieber must fight in place of his brother, he learns that it's not as easy as he thought, and he may never be coming home. Over their first date, though, he learns some shocking news: he has to beat five of his evil exes (the other two are on vacation. He's willing to take that chance and with the help of his sorta slutty/ gay room mate, Louis, and his little sister's/ Louis' new boy toy, Liam, he might make it through all this chaos and get Niall out his pants. If the sun and the moon were to make a head on collision, would it be catastrophic or would it be wonderful?

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